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A Leader in Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

For 25 years EMG has delivered solutions for high-strength wastewater treatment, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and renewable energy generation

EMG Main Services & Solutions

Wastewater Treatment

High-Strength Wastewater Treatment

EMG’s PurEffluent™ technology is ideal for high-strength waste streams generated by the food & beverage industry, and other industries, delivering reliability, regulatory compliance, & reduced costs.

Environmental Consulting

Sustainability & Renewable Energy

Our focus on sustainability includes energy-efficient wastewater treatment, renewable energy generation, water recycling/reuse, and reduction of waste generation and off-site shipping.

Laboratory Services

Treatability Studies

EMG’s environmental laboratory facility quickly and cost-effectively conducts wastewater characterization and analysis, bench-scale and pilot-scale treatability studies.

Multiple Project Funding Options

Zero Capital Investment Option

We are pleased to offer our projects with various financial arrangement options, including zero capital investment leases, project partnerships, and purchase agreements.

Performance Guarantee
We provide a Performance Guarantee for our technologies so you feel secure with your investment and your production facility can depend on our wastewater treatment systems

EMG Special Reports

Bringing Sustainability and Affordability to Wastewater Treatment

Learn more in this introductory video about our approach and commitment to deliver results promised to our clients, to learn more about our proprietary PurEffluent™ Technology, and for glimpse of our proven track record in the industry.

Onsite electricity production, and zero carbon-footprint from electricity

Methane is collected off the top of the Reactors, sent to a Generator Set built in PA, and convert biogas to Electricity. We provide electricity to run the farm, and sell it back to the national grid. Effectively, a zero carbon footprint.

Senator Pat Vance Full Report



PurEffluent™ System at Large Bakery

The client, the world’s largest English muffin plant, engaged EMG to design and build a state-of-the-art treatment system for high-strength wastewater stream for its plant…

Beverage Manufacturing

PurEffluent™ System at Large Beverages Plant

The client, one of the oldest beverages plants in the U.S., engaged EMG to design and install a comprehensive wastewater treatment with electricity & heat generation

Dairy & Cheese Manufacturing

PurEffluent™ System for Whey & Dairy Waste Co-digestion

Under this partnership project, EMG designed, installed, and supported operation of an anaerobic treatment system with Combined Heat & Power (CHP) generation & solids…

Dairy & Poultry

PurEffluent™ System at Large Centennial Farm

The client, a large Centennial farm in the Northeast, retained EMG for the design, installation & operation of an anaerobic treatment system for manure treatment, odor reduction, & electricity production…

At EMG, we believe every business can achieve sustainability and cost savings

EMG News and Events

TransAlta™ a leader in clean electricity in Canada, acquires 30% equity interest position in EMG International, LLC.
This exciting collaboration will provide great opportunities for the expansion and diversification of EMG’s sustainability offerings.

EMG PurEffluent™ project for wastewater treatment & energy generation was awarded third place in the Innovative Projects competition by the American Association…

Papers & Presentations

EMG recently completed a workshop on anaerobic wastewater treatment in Washington D.C. Follow the link below for more details.

EMG breaks ground on an integrated anaerobic-aerobic treatment system for large bread manufacturer in the state of New York, after…